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[gfsd]Pliant monster project description

From: Hubert Tonneau
Subject: [gfsd]Pliant monster project description
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 19:43:47 GMT

Here are a few changes I suggest about Pliant project record
(see attached file)

I'm not very happy with the way you currently describe Pliant, but I sill
fail to properly describe it myself.

>From a GNU point of view, it would be better described as rebuild all
the GNU project (the overall operating system including all required
tools and applications to provide a 'usable' computer) using a more
powerfull language that enables to provide much shorter and easier to
customize applications (all dynamically compiled, I mean executed from source),
better suited to bring the maximum advantage from free softwares nature,
as opposed to the main GNU project mainly relying on C, which as not
been designed with free softwares nature in mind, and lead to monster
programs that no end user can customize.

Extra informations:

The only part which is not Pliant in a FullPliant server is the kernel (might
remind you something), but FullPliant operating system can bring an embedded
GNU Linux system providing a very stable set of low level Unix tools, with
the top level applications beeing automatically compiled from source code
picked from various sites.
All of it is generated unattended from a database describing the target
computers, and all the target computer configuration is stored in a single
database file (from which all Unix configuration files of the GNU Linux
optional subsystem can be automatically generated).

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