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[gfsd]Re: Directory preamble

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: [gfsd]Re: Directory preamble
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 14:45:05 -0600 (MDT)

       I am worried that some developer might have a beta program,
       come to enter it our Free Software Directory, and then say:
       "Oh, I can't enter it now", but then forget to ever come back.

       Can we somehow collect entries, keep them seperate, and then
       include them later (maybe even allowing people to keep their
       beta entry updated as they move from beta to full release).

This is a very important point.  We should accept listings of
beta-status or alpha-status programs, and keep them separate
from the listings of ready-to-use programs.

    1. The original purpose of the Directory was to have completed
       packages. Do we want to change this? 

Yes, partly.  The main directory should continue to have usable,
reliable packages only.  But we can have an auxiliary directory of
packages which don't fit that standard.  That won't do any harm
to the main directory.

       I want to have only good quality, currently maintained packages.

Keeping the unfinished or not yet reliable packages in a separate
place will achieve the same result.

       concern is the the subdirectory might become a graveyard for
       packages that someone starts but nevers finishes. I don't think that
       would look good for the FSF.

Don't worry about this.  It is well known that many projects are
started and not finished.  There is no point trying to hide that.
Most people won't look at the directory of unfinished packages
so most people won't be influenced by it.

    2. If we keep the Directory prominent on the Website, 

We will not make it any less prominent than it is now!

Here's what I propose:

* For an unfinished or unready program, the short description should
start with the word "UNFINISHED".

* We don't make any effort to write listings for such packages, but we
will include listings for them provided by their developers, as time

* These listings go in a separate directory, at least for now.

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