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[gfsd]Re: merging two packages

From: Mark H. Weaver
Subject: [gfsd]Re: merging two packages
Date: 04 Jun 2001 13:25:37 -0400
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Lorenzo Bettini <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm registering the project also to savannah (for the web pages), but it
> looks like the 
> system name must be at most 12 chars, so I have to use src-highlite. 
> Will this create problems for consistecy, I mean?  Is the 12 chars
> limitation really necessary?

I'll let the savannah-hackers decide if the limitation is desireable, but
the name of the FTP directory should match the savannah name.

For now, I've renamed the directory to src-highlite, and made
source-highlight a symlink to it.  Once we've settled on a name, we
should delete the symlink.


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