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[gfsd]Re: merging two packages

From: Lorenzo Bettini
Subject: [gfsd]Re: merging two packages
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 10:32:50 +0200

Richard Stallman wrote:
>     OK, I'd be almost ready to release this package (as a reminder: it
>     includes java2html and cpp2html and in the near future also other target
>     formats such as XML, latex, and so on).
>     So should I contact some one to have the ftp space and web page set up?
> Everyone please take note that the packages cpp2html and java2html are
> being merged.  The name of the merged package will be source-highlight.
> Please work with Bettini, the maintainer, to replace the old
> packages with the new merged package.


        May I have an ftp directory for this new package please (I already have
a kerberos account)?  After that I'll register a new web project for
source-highlight in the savanah web site.

        As for java2html and cpp2html web pages my idea would be to leave the
main web page saying that they are now part of this new package and put
a link to the new web page;  as for the ftp directories I would leave a
README file for pointing to the new package directory.  What do you
think about that?

many thanks in advance


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