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Re: [gforth] How to make executable binary applications?

From: Bahman Movaqar
Subject: Re: [gforth] How to make executable binary applications?
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 14:14:45 +0330

Thank you all for your responses.

Perhaps it'll make it easier if I explain my circumstances.

I'm an Iranian living in Iran, where there are -virtually- almost no (c) laws.  The software I'm planning to write is sort of an "illegal copy protection" software.  So, obviously, the source code must *not* be -easily- readable by others; hence I insist on distributing it in only binary form.  No (c) license -be it GPL or anything else- is valid here (!); but I just want to do something right and moral. 

So, now I'm asking you folks to please guide me how can I fulfil these requirements while not violating any (c) by the creators of the Gforth (whose efforts I really appreciate)?  Or I better ask is it possible at all?!

PS: Please note that even if I decided to share some of the money with Anton and Bernd it would be awfully difficult to transfer money from Iran to anywhere in EU or north America -sanctions, you know.

Bahman Movaqar (
ERP Evaluation, Implementation and Deployment Consultant

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