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Re: [Gcl-devel] OpenGL & foreign.lsp & 2.5.8

From: Michael Koehne
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] OpenGL & foreign.lsp & 2.5.8
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 02:23:14 +0200
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Moin Camm Maguire,

> >   - I wonder where to find the official 2.5.3 source ?
> >     i found a copy in the Debian pool - but what happend to ftp.gnu.org ?
> For some reason, savannah has taken it temporarily off line:
> ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/gcl/gcl-2.5.3.tar.gz.back-RSN.README
> The following files are not available because their authenticity is being
> confirmed.  We expect to have them uploaded Real Soon Now (RSN).

  *nod* I also read this message - and wondered where to get the
  newer and official version, if not from gnu.org.

  they perhaps just want a FAX (stating, that you are a real human,
  and that the code you publish is realy under GPL ;) or they want
  some upstream with cryptographic signature.

> Don't know about xgcl2.  Can you enlighten?

  ~src/gcl-2.5.3/xgcl-2 - its part of GCL for some time.

> Sounds like you're the X GUI guru we've been looking for :-)!

  *oups* no *blush* but I'm currently playing around with LISP and OpenGL,
  and realy wonder why its working.

> >   - foreign.lsp looks realy old, throwing warnings like :
> >       Warning: The package operation (EXPORT '(GL_FALSE GL_TRUE GL_BYTE
> >        [ ... severl lines deleted ... ]
> >       GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFER_SGIS)) was in a bad place.
> >     what does this mean - and how to get rid of them, besides patching
> >     cmpnew/cmptop.lsp to ingore them ?
> So if it finds package operations after non-package operations, the
> compiler prints this warning, to let the user know that this reordering
> has taken place.  

  The OpenGL bindings, I'm currently play around with, are based on
  "foreign.lsp" by Paul Viola - and I think that they show the power
  of the LISP to abstract and simplyfy things. The package looks like:

  (make-package 'GL :use '("LISP"))
  (in-package :GL)
  (provide 'GL)
  ;;; continues with loading
  (eval-when (compile) (load "foreign.lsp"))
  ;;; is doing lots of
  (foreign-define GL_FALSE 0)
  (foreign-define GL_TRUE 1)
  ;;; and lots of
  (foreign-function glclearindex (FLOAT) VOID "glClearIndex")
  (foreign-function glclearcolor (FLOAT FLOAT FLOAT FLOAT) VOID "glClearColor")
  ;;; and last

  the complete idea of "foreign.lsp", is to build the definitions and
  functions on the fly, and to export them at the end of the file.
  This will raise the "in a bad place" warning, if I understood you
  correctly. Is there any way to rearrange this example or the
  foreigh.lsp, not to raise the warnings ? 

Bye Michael

PS:  I've attached the "foreign.lsp" - lets hope the mailing list
  likes multi-part mime.
  mailto:address@hidden             UNA:+.? 'CED+2+:::Linux:2.4.18'UNZ+1'
  http://www.xml-edifact.org/           CETERUM CENSEO WINDOWS ESSE DELENDAM

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