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Re: [Gcl-devel] OpenGL & foreign.lsp & 2.5.8

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] OpenGL & foreign.lsp & 2.5.8
Date: 06 Aug 2003 16:49:37 -0400
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Michael Koehne <address@hidden> writes:

> Moin Guru's,
>   i've got the OpenGL interface of Richard Mann using the foreign.lsp by
>   Paul Viola up and running with 2.5.3 - and now have some questions:
>   - I wonder where to find the official 2.5.3 source ?
>     i found a copy in the Debian pool - but what happend to ftp.gnu.org ?

For some reason, savannah has taken it temporarily off line:


The following files are not available because their authenticity is being
confirmed.  We expect to have them uploaded Real Soon Now (RSN).

>   - has anybody integrated this into xgcl2 ?
>     i now have Xgcl (with xgcl2 functions) and xgcl (with OpenGL
>     functions) - would be nice to call both functions from one
>     binary ;)

Don't know about xgcl2.  Can you enlighten?  Sounds like you're the X
GUI guru we've been looking for :-)!

>   - foreign.lsp looks realy old, throwing warnings like :
>       Warning: The package operation (EXPORT '(GL_FALSE GL_TRUE GL_BYTE
>        [ ... severl lines deleted ... ]
>       GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFER_SGIS)) was in a bad place.
>     what does this mean - and how to get rid of them, besides patching
>     cmpnew/cmptop.lsp to ingore them ?

The issue here is that GCL does not compile package operations, but
rather runs them interpreted on object load via the .data files
(normally appended to the .o).  Furthermore, the package operations
are placed at the top of this interpreted initialization file.  So if
it finds package operations after non-package operations, the compiler
prints this warning, to let the user know that this reordering has
taken place.  

We've recently removed the most egregious of these errors by including
the newly provided 'defpackage in this list of "package ops".  Before
this, one could not defpackage and in-package the same package in the
same file, as the in-package, but not the defpackage, would be moved
to the top of the init file.  This has been fixed in CVS head, and the
Version_2_5_4 branch to be released soon.

But still, GCL will move package ops to the top of the init file, and
thus expects source code to place package operations at the beginning
of each file and nowhere else.  Should not be difficult to arrange any
particular code to meet this requirement, I think, but we should clean
this up at some point.

Take care,

> Bye Michael
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