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AW: [Enigma-devel] Cannot contrl the Mouse

From: Michi H.
Subject: AW: [Enigma-devel] Cannot contrl the Mouse
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 12:30:10 +0200

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Von: address@hidden [mailto:address@hiddenIm Auftrag von Michael Stein
Gesendet: Freitag, 11. Juni 2004 10:54
An: address@hidden
Betreff: Re: [Enigma-devel] Cannot contrl the Mouse

Immanuel Halupczok wrote:
On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:22:58 +0200
Michael Stein <address@hidden> wrote:

Sometimes I think, I'm the only one with some problems.
After testing 3 or 4 version of enigma, every time the same happens.
I'm running suse 9.0.
I can`t control the mouse.
I tried changes with mousespeeder,
I tried kde, fvwm2 and gnome (my preferd)
I tried different version of suse (8.x) and different version of enigma.
I tried to compile one version (but I gave it up after 5 minutes ...)
Does somebody knows this problem and can help me? I loved this game so much on my atari....

Michael Stein

What do you mean by "I can't control the mouse"? When I was new
to enigma, I once had the problem that the ball reacted much too
strong to little mouse movements. Later I found out that the mouse
speed can be contolled by the arrow keys and that appearently I
had pressed the arrows several times before trying to use the

Perhaps it would be a good idea to give a hint about this feature
somewhere if this happens to several persons.


I found this feature, thanks. But it doesn't help. Can't control means:
When I touch (the little move you can think) the mouse, the ball goes with maximum speed to the lower right corner. The ball goes always in this direction.
It seems, that I'm really the only person with this problem.....


which versions did you try? on my mandrake 9.2(kernel 2.4.24-custom, i'm running on a laptop, with external usb-optical mouse or internal touchpad (psaux)), version 0.81 worked well. i can tell you how to get the newest version, 0.90-devel from CVS and compile, thats not so difficult, but you have to get the newest autoconf and automake versions (try rpmseek.com for rpms), and sdl (in RPM: sdl-devel), sdl-image(RPM:sdl-image-devel) and sdl-mixer (RPM:sdl-mixer-devel).
i compiled it because i wanted the very NEWEST version for writing on a enigma level editor "BlackBallEd" (mail me if interested). the new version of enigma supports: 800x600 graphics, more objects,etc...
Michi H.  

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