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Re: [Enigma-devel] some levels

From: Jon Sneyers
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] some levels
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 14:57:34 +0200
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I'm sorry for the extremely late reply, but I wasn't subscribed to the
enigma-devel-list so I didn't receive your comments... I accidentally
discovered your answer today by typing my name in Google ;)

On 17 Feb 2004, Ingo van Lil wrote:
> On 11 Feb 2004, Jon Sneyers wrote:
> > here are some enigma levels I recently made
> I just tried them, a few comments:
> (Counter)Clockwise: Maybe a bit lengthy
> Hurry!: Too easy. If you trigger the impulse just once, wait for all
>         the walkers to reach their goals and then trigger the impulses
>         again the door stays open and there's no more need to hurry.

Indeed! I changed the level so you have to push the impulse at the
left to solve it, so your trick won't work anymore...

> Lotsa Triggers: OK.
> Annoying little balls: Fun! My favourite.
> Impossible?: Haven't figured that one out yet. For the time being I'll
>              call it "Impossible.". ;-)

Search the top-right area... btw, notice the difference between the
normal and the easy version

> Bridge Builders: Good.
> Easy Skyscraper: Nice.
> Spiral Race: Hard but good.

It's slightly less hard when you only try to avoid the inner walls... 

> Block its way!: No idea yet.

You have to make sure that the walker in the top right corner doesn't
reach the trigger in the bottom left corner of the next screen. You
can't avoid it to start walking, so you need to block its way ;)

> Little Puzzles: Takes quite long to finish, but I liked it.
> - Meditation -: Good.
> Tough Skyscraper: Good.
> Big Adventures: Haven't finished it yet, but the first few screens
> were quite cool.
> All in all, maybe you shouldn't put your girlfriend's name in so 
> often.

good point... removed those documents

> > all levels are playtested and should be finishable (i finished them
> > all except the "tough skyscraper" level, which is kinda hard)
> Really? I made it on the third try. I consider "Spiral Race" a great
> deal harder.

Did you solve "tough skyscraper" in "easy" or "normal" mode?

I attached the modified versions of the levels (bug in "Hurry!" fixed
and girlfriend references removed).



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