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[Enigma-devel] Thumbnails (Was: Re: Adding command-line parameters to ma

From: Tarim
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Thumbnails (Was: Re: Adding command-line parameters to make enigmaaLUA-Level-screenshoot of an specified area)
Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 19:50:08 +0100

A long, long time ago, Ralf Westram wrote:
Hi Michi,

>>> Of course this would be possible, but probably  not worth the trouble.
>>> The next version of Enigma will create all level thumbnails
>>> automatically.
>> I don't like the idea to create ALL thumbs automatically.
>> For example 'Khun-Phan' contains a message saying that the preview
>> might be helpful to find the solution. I think it should be the
>> decision of the level author whether a thumb is included or not.
> I think there is a solution by adding a lua-command to select the screen area
> which is tumbnailed. for example
> enigma.SelectTumbRegion(5,5)
> to select that the screen with the top,left square 5,5 will be tumbnailed...

Please don't lose the clue that the preview of Khun-Phan might be helpful. It's one of the sweetest clues in all the Enigma levels! Tarim actually noticed the preview wasn't the initial screen from Khun-Phan and realised it must be a clue before he read the scroll.

That won't work - the mentioned screenshot has been taken after
playing for several minutes..

I'm sure Enigma will never be capable to do that automatically. :)
BTW: Anybody out there, who solved Khun-Phan?

If you really must generate ALL thumbnails automatically - then you could always add an inaccessible (and un-viewable) part of the Khun-Phan level map that just had what the preview should look like in it. Then point enigma.SelectThumbRegion at that. But please don't lose that clue :-)

Tarim eventually solved Khun-Phan, after weeks of walking around with a few pieces of cut-out squared paper in his pocket that he could get out and shuffle around whenever he had a spare moment ;-)

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