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[Enigma-devel] Enigma - Oxyd Emulation

From: Benjamin S.
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Enigma - Oxyd Emulation
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 21:19:14 +0100 (MET)


Except Oxyd Magnum Gold I own all the Oxyd games and therefore I was very
happy when I found Enigma because now I finally can play the games in
windows without problems. I tried the Oxyd emulation in Enigma and it worked
good but there are some problems (in the following I will only talk about
emulated oxyd levels):

1. In some maps there are many red and yellow question marks (stones and
objects) shown in enigma. In several of these levels this isn't too much a
problem but in others the map is unbeatable because it seems that some
essential stones or objects don't appear, but are replaced by these question

2. In some emulated maps there are invisible objects and when I run across
them, I get an object called "dummy". A map where this happened to me
seems to be unbeatable, too.

3. In some maps the lasers don't work correctly. For example in Level 2 of
Oxyd 1 the laser is supposed to destroy the stones. He does that in the
original Oxyd 1 but not when I emulate this map in Enigma, the laser doesn't
have any effect.

4. In certain maps there are glass stones which are said to be breakable by
pushing heavily against them. I didn't manage to do this in a certain level
but I am not sure if this is a problem of the emulation or if I just need to
do something else to break these stones.

5. Some objects don't seem to have an effect. I found a calculator in a
level but I can't do anything with it. Here again I don't know if it's a
problem of the emulation because I can't play this level in the original

I think the emulation function is one of the best features of Enigma. I
would be grateful if you could have a look at the things I wrote here and
maybe eliminate these problems in further versions of Enigma. If you wish I
try to give you the exact level numbers of emulated maps, where I encounter
problems, but I can't say anything about Oxyd Magnum Gold, because I don't
have it. I thank you for making this really great game Enigma!

I thank you for your attention.
Benjamin S.

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