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Re: [O] Org-sync status

From: Albert Krewinkel
Subject: Re: [O] Org-sync status
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 19:20:02 +0200
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Hi all,

just my 2¢ as a quick follow-up.  I still like the idea behind org-sync,
though I totatly agree with Aurélien that it is rather challenging to
convert between a free-formed, human readable format and a rigid format
like a bug tracker of kinds.  In our conversation 2 years ago, Aurélien
specifically highlighted the difficulties of handling comments and other
parts within the an org entry which make the conversion process
impossibly difficult.

If anybody does some work in the general direction of org
interoperability, please keep me in the loop.

If I ever find the time, I'd like to write a general service in the
spirit of pandoc, translating between different bug-trackers and
task-managers, treating org as one of the possible backends.  This
coincides with my plan to expand the pandoc org-reader into a full-blown
org-mode parser.  However, this is nothing but vapor-ware.
Realistically, it is unlikely to materialize any time soon.

So again, please let me know if you are working on something interesting
in that regard.



Aurélien Aptel <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello to org-mode mailing list subscribers & people CC'd in this email,
> I'm not interested in maintaining org-sync anymore. I've tried to
> continue but it just doesn't interest me anymore, I can't find the
> motivation and I rarely use bugtrackers. I think there are too many
> design issues with org-sync. I personally think org-mode is not
> restrictive enough as a format and UI to work (at large scale) with
> bugtrackers. I should have made this email a long time ago.
> Anyway it seems many people are interested in org-sync so I'll make a
> list of the people who contacted me over the years (cc'd) so that you
> can try to work something out, maybe.
> Conor Nash <address@hidden> added basic support for Asana and has
> contacted me to merge it. I was going to handle it and promptly forgot
> about it instead. This was a bit more than 2 year ago.
> Albert Krewinkel <address@hidden> made some modifications
> and wanted some feedback but he never sent anything after I told him
> org-sync was doomed. This was 2 year ago too.
> Bastien <address@hidden> tried to motivate me to continue and asked me to
> try to write about the problems I've faced so that people could focus
> on them, etc. I agree that would be great
> but I've completely lost interest in it and don't remember what
> was bothering me specifically... I just think org is too general and
> free-formed to be robust and practical for bugtrackers.
> S V N Vishwanathan <address@hidden> contacted me 2 years ago
> about a google task backend he started and some problem he had. He got
> pretty far and had to hack a bit the org-sync API to get it to work. I
> told him I'll look at it some more to see it if there was a cleaner
> way to implement it but I never got around to it.
> David Beswick <address@hidden> sent a small patch to fix
> something in the redmine backend.
> I think Daimrod <address@hidden> worked on it and has a github repo
> [1]. I've found an email on the org-mode mailing list from him saying
> he was interested with having write access on the official repo. Not
> much news since then.
> Arthur Leonard Andersen <address@hidden> (author of elmine)
> contacted me last year about improving the redmine backend.
> Joseph Kiniry <address@hidden> contacted me last year about the
> redmine backend, he also wanted to maintain org-sync as his company
> could "sponsor" it. Not much since then.
> And finally, Andrei Beliankou <address@hidden> has recently
> made a github repo and has worked on it. It looks like the more
> advanced fork out there so you should probably go there now.
> I might have forgotten about other people...
> Also, things to do/keep in mind:
> - the page/docs have to be updated. It's not even accessible from the
> org-mode website anymore it seems.
> - someone has to contact the person in charge of the
> official git repo
> rights in order to pass the flame to someone else. Or just add people I
> don't know. Or just switch everything to github.
> Cheers!
> 1: https://github.com/daimrod/org-sync
> 2: https://github.com/arbox/org-sync

Albert Krewinkel
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