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[O] SOLVED (was: Re: how to quote slashes in org-protocol string?)

From: Gregor Zattler
Subject: [O] SOLVED (was: Re: how to quote slashes in org-protocol string?)
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 14:41:00 +0200
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Dear org-mode users and developers,
* Gregor Zattler <address@hidden> [16. Aug. 2015]:
> how do I quote slashes ("/") in TITLE or BODY in org-protocol
> string?

Answer: urlencode them as explained in

>      emacsclient org-protocol:/capture:/x/URL/TITLE/BODY
> I capture emails from mutt (mail user agent) to org-mode via mutt
> macros and bash scripts.  Now I get errors in Emacs „Greedy
> org-protocol handler.  Killing client.“ because TITLE (the
> Subject of the email) contains slashes.
> I tried to quote the slashes with slashes but this chops of part
> of the TITLE.

A function to do so in bash can be found at:

Ciao, Gregor
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