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[O] Org-sync status

From: Aurélien Aptel
Subject: [O] Org-sync status
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 12:34:53 +0200

Hello to org-mode mailing list subscribers & people CC'd in this email,

I'm not interested in maintaining org-sync anymore. I've tried to
continue but it just doesn't interest me anymore, I can't find the
motivation and I rarely use bugtrackers. I think there are too many
design issues with org-sync. I personally think org-mode is not
restrictive enough as a format and UI to work (at large scale) with
bugtrackers. I should have made this email a long time ago.

Anyway it seems many people are interested in org-sync so I'll make a
list of the people who contacted me over the years (cc'd) so that you
can try to work something out, maybe.

Conor Nash <address@hidden> added basic support for Asana and has
contacted me to merge it. I was going to handle it and promptly forgot
about it instead. This was a bit more than 2 year ago.

Albert Krewinkel <address@hidden> made some modifications
and wanted some feedback but he never sent anything after I told him
org-sync was doomed. This was 2 year ago too.

Bastien <address@hidden> tried to motivate me to continue and asked me to
try to write about the problems I've faced so that people could focus
on them, etc. I agree that would be great
but I've completely lost interest in it and don't remember what
was bothering me specifically... I just think org is too general and
free-formed to be robust and practical for bugtrackers.

S V N Vishwanathan <address@hidden> contacted me 2 years ago
about a google task backend he started and some problem he had. He got
pretty far and had to hack a bit the org-sync API to get it to work. I
told him I'll look at it some more to see it if there was a cleaner
way to implement it but I never got around to it.

David Beswick <address@hidden> sent a small patch to fix
something in the redmine backend.

I think Daimrod <address@hidden> worked on it and has a github repo
[1]. I've found an email on the org-mode mailing list from him saying
he was interested with having write access on the official repo. Not
much news since then.

Arthur Leonard Andersen <address@hidden> (author of elmine)
contacted me last year about improving the redmine backend.

Joseph Kiniry <address@hidden> contacted me last year about the
redmine backend, he also wanted to maintain org-sync as his company
could "sponsor" it. Not much since then.

And finally, Andrei Beliankou <address@hidden> has recently
made a github repo and has worked on it. It looks like the more
advanced fork out there so you should probably go there now.

I might have forgotten about other people...

Also, things to do/keep in mind:
- the page/docs have to be updated. It's not even accessible from the
org-mode website anymore it seems.
- someone has to contact the person in charge of the
official git repo
rights in order to pass the flame to someone else. Or just add people I
don't know. Or just switch everything to github.


1: https://github.com/daimrod/org-sync
2: https://github.com/arbox/org-sync

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