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Re: [O] Mindwave Emacs. EEG reading and Data gathering in an org-mode bu

From: Jonathan Arkell
Subject: Re: [O] Mindwave Emacs. EEG reading and Data gathering in an org-mode buffer.
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 17:02:18 -0600
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Hey Kyle

Right now I am working with the course-grained (1/sec) data sets from the
Mindwave.  They provide their eSense(tm) measurements as well as the
"eegPower", which seems to give a general overview of the different
brainwave levels in relation to each-other (but not much else).  This
actually works out really well, because you can dump the data to an org
table, and then as Nick said, use babel/calc/R to dow hat you need to do
with it.  There is a function inside of the data-gathering package that
handles that pretty nicely (albeit slowly) with calc.

Of course, this is all very course grained, but it is working nicely for
my current experiments!

My intention is to eventually connect to the lower level serial Neurosky
interface for the raw EEG wave data with emacs, and send the both the EEG
data and a timestamp straight to a file.  This might be a blind alley

The idea of quantified coding sounds awesome!  The question is, how does
one marry up a line of code, with a particular neurological state,
especially since a given line of code isn't a static entity that one can
easily refer to?


Jonathan Arkell
Sr. Developer
Inspired By Drum & Bass, Scheme, Kawaii

p. 403.206.4377
1011 9th Ave SE, Suite 300

Calgary, AB, Canada T2G 0Y4


On 5/09/12 12:30 PM, "Kyle Machulis" <address@hidden> wrote:

>Something this thread might be interested in. I proposed a project a
>couple of years ago called the Quantified Coder, basically looking at
>hooking as many biometrics as possible into emacs. There's a small
>presentation on it at
>Unfortunately it never got off the ground due to lots of reasons, but
>I'd still love to get it going sometime. If anyone needs help with
>getting devices talking (whether they have open drivers or not :) ),
>that's pretty much what I do. :D
>I still wonder if org is the right medium for this. Most of the
>devices are going to give you a TON of data (the neurosky raw stream
>is ~500hz update, emotiv is ~128hz, etc...). Pedometers and blood
>pressure monitors that do one-time large dumps might be somewhat more

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