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Re: [O] Mindwave Emacs. EEG reading and Data gathering in an org-mode bu

From: Torsten Wagner
Subject: Re: [O] Mindwave Emacs. EEG reading and Data gathering in an org-mode buffer.
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 16:44:38 +0900

Hi Jonathan,

does that mean we can mark the point

* TODO org-mode should read my mind

from the requested org-mode feature list ;)

I think your example is great but frighten to be very specific to
really get attention.
However, it might make a nice example for presentations etc.
Similar like the emacs coffee maker stuff.

On the other hand it might be very interesting to get a general idea
how to add data from devices to org-mode. Many measurement devices
utilize USB, RS232 or even network interfaces to communicate (beside
of the industrial standards). It would be great to have infos how e.g.
to read data from a serial port and add them to org-mode. The
internet-famous Arduino board could serve as an example. Communication
would be even more awesome.

Once I tried to use org-babel talking to a device connected via USB
(emulated serial port). The protocol was rather simple but could be
lengthy to type in over and over again.  I was hopping to define babel
blocks which serve as macro containers and combine them into bigger
scripts. However, this did not work as well, I guess partially because
of the bridge of org->shell->terminal->command

If you could help to describe e.g. a raw communication port for babel
that might be interesting.

#+begin_src: raw :port  /dev/tty1 :serpar 115200,8,1,N :results output

With the right set of parameters one could fetch real world data
directly into org-mode files.

Best regards


On 5 September 2012 02:06, Jonathan Arkell <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Orgers!
> I recently picked up a Neruosky Mindwave, a consumer level EEG device (it
> reads brainwaves).  Unfortunately, the software bundle doesn't include a
> way to log the EEG levels.  Since I am fairly decent at Elisp, I thought I
> would write a little library to interface with the mindwave, and store the
> results.  Naturally I thought of using an org-mode buffer for this.
> So I present, mindwave-emacs:
> Mindwave-emacs.el really is just a low-level interface for emacs.  Inside
> of the org file are 2 examples (actually, fully working programs) that
> show you how to work with it.
>   - gather-into-org.el :: allows you to write data into an org-mode file
>   - solarized-mind.el  :: uses the "eSense" Attention and Meditation
> measurements to provide feedback to the user on their brian state.
> I am also working on a lower-level serial/binary connection to retrieve
> data from the mindwave to help facilitate raw EEG logging.
> I don't know if this is going to be useful to anyone, but I figured some
> people may be interested.
> Cheers!
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