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Re: [O] can't find org-version?

From: Christopher J. White
Subject: Re: [O] can't find org-version?
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 13:03:22 -0700
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Hi Nick,

On 9/4/12 10:15 AM, Nick Dokos wrote:
Here is a snippet of code that works in those two and in 7.9.1 as well:

(setq version (if (boundp 'org-version)

Thanks -- I do not have a copy of 7.9 available, so wasn't sure what parameters to call.

I can certainly add this to org-toodledo.el, but I guess I fail to understand why it was changed in the first place. The above solution means that every package out there that is dependent on org and needs to look up the version needs to change to work with 7.9 If org simply kept the org-version as a variable, there would be no need for this.

If 7.9 is still an early release, I'd suggest adding the org-version variable back to org so as not to break other packages that may also depend the version string.


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