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[Orgmode] publish templates - include stylesheet

From: plutek-infinity
Subject: [Orgmode] publish templates - include stylesheet
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 01:28:22 -0400


i'm following the org-publish tutorial on worg, and have hit a snag:

the html style specifications "special comment section" successfully includes 
an external stylesheet when i put it in an org file prior to publishing, but 
when i move it to the level-N.org files as outlined in the tutorial, the 
stylesheet no longer gets referenced in the published html file. i know the 
level-N.org file is being used, since the export options lines which it 
contains ARE being read. it seems that just the html style block is being 

as far as i can see, i've set things up as they should be -- any hints as to 
what i might look into to debug this?

thanks in advance.... cheers!


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