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Re: [Orgmode] publish templates - include stylesheet

From: Sebastian Rose
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] publish templates - include stylesheet
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 23:45:56 +0200
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Hi plutek-infinity,

right, it does not work here either. Funny enough, it works or files
in my projects base directory.

Hmmm -strange.

I have to admit that I'm not realy shure how I tested this for files in
subdirectories when I wrote the tutorial.

This is what the manual says about the #+SETUPFILE:

`#+SETUPFILE: file'
     This line defines a file that holds more in-buffer setup.
     Normally this is entirely ignored.  Only when the buffer is parsed
     for option-setting lines (i.e. when starting Org mode for a file,
     when pressing `C-c C-c' in a settings line, or when exporting),
     then the contents of this file are parsed as if they had been
     included in the buffer.  In particlar, the file can be any other
     Org mode file with internal setup.  You can visit the file the
     cursor is in the line with `C-c ''.

(...should note the last sentence in the tutorial...)

And yes, the export-options-template lines are read for all files
regardless of level. But the '* COMMENT html style specifications'
part is only read for files directly in the projects base-directory.

Carsten: this is the link to the section in the tutorial:


What to do here? Should I change the tutorial in this part? It works so wonderfull for all the files in base-directory. Only one file to change
to change the settings for many many files. And it seems that the
current behaviour is not intended, is it?

The ':style' options in org-publish-projects-alist das not work for sub
directories either, so the combination of the special comment section is
and #+SETUPFILE: is the only way to set the style in a central place.


 - Sebastian

plutek-infinity wrote:

i'm following the org-publish tutorial on worg, and have hit a snag:

the html style specifications "special comment section" successfully includes 
an external stylesheet when i put it in an org file prior to publishing, but when i move 
it to the level-N.org files as outlined in the tutorial, the stylesheet no longer gets 
referenced in the published html file. i know the level-N.org file is being used, since 
the export options lines which it contains ARE being read. it seems that just the html 
style block is being ignored.

as far as i can see, i've set things up as they should be -- any hints as to 
what i might look into to debug this?

thanks in advance.... cheers!

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