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[Orgmode] org-annotation-helper

From: Robert Goldman
Subject: [Orgmode] org-annotation-helper
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2008 16:06:28 -0500
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Has anyone managed to get org-annotation-helper to work with Firefox 3
on Mac OSX Leopard?

I'm asking because I have the shell script in, working with emacs and
remember (from the shell), but when I try to invoke the remember links
from Firefox I get only the "protocol (remember) isn't associated with
any program" error.  This is known to occur when FF can't find the
program file, but AFAICT FF should be able to find the program file ---
I took the network.protocol-handler.app.remember preference value,
copied it into the shell, gave it a url, and it worked fine.

So there seems to be either

1.  something I'm not getting about how to define a ff protocol extension or

2.  something I don't get about invoking a shell script from FF in this
environment (rejected as a security hole in the latest FF?  Busted for
some reason under Mac OSX?).

If anyone has experience with this with the Mac, I'd be incredibly
grateful for any enlightenment.  For that matter, if anyone could even
tell me how I might get some trace information from FF when it tries to
handle this protocol, that would be great too.

Many thanks,

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