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Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode usage and concept mapping.

From: Christopher Kuettner
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode usage and concept mapping.
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 21:01:08 +0200
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Carsten tries really hard to keep Org-mode focused

This is important, IMHO one of org-mode strenghts is it's lightweightness.

What is the predominant use case for Org-mode by people on this list?

1. knowledge-gathering for writing/research-projects via one-file-wikis (cool because I don't have to give PageTitles and other Meta-crap; convenient because I can create * TODO research bookmarks)

2. project tracking for some kind of projects

3. tables (org-mode frees me from having to use a "real" spreadsheet; what a relief)

very little of traditional outlining, it seems.

When I am at that stage (writing the first draft of a work), the emphasizes lies more on the writing/printing/publishing/output. On Emacs for example Muse-Mode is better suited for that. The strengths of Org-Mode are more in the beginning of work, when one is collecting the data and developing structures, concepts and relationships.

Related to outlining, I am wondering if anybody here uses graphical
tools like concept maps?

Yeah, every week with pen and paper.

happy with CmapTools
Is this something that would be an interesting export option for

I can imagine using this as some sort of process-management tool. For example to illustrate who is doing what in a working team under which condition. Basically as sort of communications help.

How would linking words work? They are usually verbs to
build the propositions and it seems awkward to make those headlines.

As far as I understand the concept, it seems reasonable to make the propositions (sub)headlines and to put the linkage-information beneath the headlines.

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