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Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode usage and concept mapping.

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode usage and concept mapping.
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 11:21:31 +0200

On Sep 11, 2006, at 5:51, Alex Bochannek wrote:
3. tables (org-mode frees me from having to use a "real" spreadsheet;
what a relief)

Example 2 is what I think a lot (most?) people use Org-mode for. The
tables I totally forgot about when I wrote my last email, but I have
used them as well when trying to document some problems. I always
wondered, tables seem like a bit of feature creep to me. They are very
useful and I am sure Carsten implemented them for a reason, but with
SES and Calc, I wonder if they aren't acquiring too much in terms of
spreadsheet functionality.

:-) I have to comment on this. I would easily plead guilty for feature creep as far as the "advanced calculation features" (manual section 3.3.4) are concerned. These I implemented mostly because it was fun and a challenge to do so. (I myself certainly do use a lot the simple calculation features, the ones that just use one formula for each column, but for complicated tables also I use spreadsheets (not SES, though.))

However, the basic table support is a completely different story, and for me is an essential and critical feature of Org-mode. Tables are the main reason why I use Org-mode as my default major mode in emacs - fundamental and text mode I actually never use anymore, because I want to have the table support to easily write columns of date, arrange things nicely and quickly.

- Carsten

Carsten Dominik
Sterrenkundig Instituut "Anton Pannekoek"
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Kruislaan 403
NL-1098SJ Amsterdam
phone: +31 20 525 7477

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