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[Emacs-orgmode] checkable items which don't show up in agenda

From: Frank Ruell
Subject: [Emacs-orgmode] checkable items which don't show up in agenda
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 18:19:27 +0200
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I'm very impressed by org, it has lots of small intuitive features, i.e.
how you can increment/decrement dates via cursor keys. Danke je for this
nice org-anizer, Carsten!

The only thing I've missed was an option for items, which are fontyfied
and checkable via some shortcut, but never ever show up in agenda (or
rather clutter up your agenda). Most solutions I was able to think of
were rather clumsy, thus I cut 'n' pasted some of org's code and added
some few bits myself:
Obviously I don't know lisp but some C alike language, anyway it seems
to do what I want it to - at least so far.

AGITATOR, n.  A statesman who shakes the fruit trees of his
neighbors -- to dislodge the worms.
(Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary)

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