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[Cp-tools-discuss] texinfo support (was Re: RFC: [gjdoc] Addition of cla

From: Alex Lancaster
Subject: [Cp-tools-discuss] texinfo support (was Re: RFC: [gjdoc] Addition of class-level type variable support.)
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 18:23:00 -0700

>>>>> "JS" == Julian Scheid  writes:


JS> I've been neglecting XmlDoclet since the advent of
JS> HtmlDoclet. Also, I'm not aware of any active users other than a
JS> few people playing around with it. Since it's no longer in sync
JS> with HtmlDoclet anyway, I think it's not necessary to update it at
JS> this point in time.

JS> TexiDoclet's current incarnation is obsolete as well, I will
JS> hopefully manage to replace it in the not-so-far future. I've
JS> already got some new code on my local filesystem.

JS> So I would say it is safe to focus on HtmlDoclet for now. We can
JS> still care about updating the other doclets at a later time.

JS> If there are any users of XmlDoclet or TexiDoclet who would beg to
JS> differ, please step forward :)

I would like to put a vote in for support/porting TexiDoclet so it
works with the most recent (0.7.4) of Gjdoc.  I've just started doing
some Java development again, and would like to be able to use info's
nice feature of doing a global search across all the docs in the JDK
for a string.  Also nice not to have have to fire up a browser just to
look up a method documentation, with the info mode in Emacs it's all
there at your fingertips in Emacs.

I'd be happy to test/work on Julian's code he mentioned above. I
should soon have an environment in which I can build gjdoc from
source.  With Fedora Core 4 coming out real soon now (test releases
are already out), it will have gjdoc built in and also GCC 4.0 which
appears to be necessary to build gjdoc from source.  To any Red
Hat-ers out there: are the gcc4 packages in Fedora Core 3 sufficient
to build gjdoc?

Also being an official GNU project, we should be supporting texinfo
format, especially for the GNU classpath API docs themselves and also
other third-party sources.  For this reason, I'm not so worried about
the XmlDoclet right now, but texinfo support should be maintained and
I'll do what I can to help/test.


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