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Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] automakejar based build system

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] automakejar based build system
Date: 24 Apr 2002 14:07:53 +0100

Julian said:
> > >As a side node, wouldn't it make sense to have automakejar operate  
> > >on Makefile.in by default, as in './automakejar'?  

Nic replied:
> > Well, it's useful to have automakejar try to make a Makefile.in by 
> > default because sometimes one doesn't use autoconf. I've been 
> > thinking that automakejar should scan the current directory for the 
> > configure files and output to Makefile.in if it finds them. 
> >  

And Julian Said:
> What I meant was that if automakejar is called without parameters, and 
> a Makefile.in exists in the current directory, it would probably make 
> sense for automakejar to process this file and apply the sed
> scripts. 

You apply automakejar to Makefile.aj in order to generate Makefile.in.

automakejar automatically looks for a Makefile.aj to work on. The
argument you supply is the name of the file that will be generated.

The question in my mind is whether it should generate Makefile.in
automatically, or perhaps whether it should work on a Makefile.in if
it doesn't find a Makefile.aj.

I prefer not to do the latter because otherwise tools could become
confused about an automakejar target.

Julian said:
> > >Another approach could be to bracket the assignments into  
> > >a block of some kind, indicating that something like a macro  
> > >is executed here. I think either approach would increase readability  
> > >and eliminate possible confusion.  

Nic replied:
> > Interesting point. I don't particularly like the idea of a prefix or 
> > a block construct... the real point is that these things are NOT make 
> > targets, they are automakejar targets, but they are still targets, you 
> > can even add dependancies like this: 
> >  
> > texinfo-doclet.jar: some-dependancy  another-dependancy 
> >     sourcedir=$(SOURCEDIR)  
> >     sourcefiles=$(SOURCEFILES)  
> >     classpath=$(JAVAHOME)/lib/tools.jar  
> >     classesdest=classes  
> >  
> > As it stands the automakejar target is quite useful because it is a 
> > bunch opf variables and syntactically won't have any effect under 
> > make. 

And Julian replied to that:
> Agree, but I'd still find it helpful to have some kind of visual clue 
> indicating that this target/these variable assignments do have a 
> special meaning not covered by the standard GNU Make semantics. 

I agree with you... but I'm lost as to what to use (I can't see the
wood for the trees probably).

If you want to suggest something I'd be happy to try it out to see how
it goes.


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