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Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] automakejar based build system

From: Julian Scheid
Subject: Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] automakejar based build system
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:15:14 +0200
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You apply automakejar to Makefile.aj in order to generate Makefile.in.

Ah, of course. I didn't see that before. OK then my proposal would be
that by default, i.e. no parameters specified, automakejar would read
Makefile.aj and write Makefile.in.
It could perhaps also generate Makefile.in by searching the directory
if no Makefile.aj is found, but that's a different story.

Nic wrote:
> And Julian replied to that:
>> Agree, but I'd still find it helpful to have some kind of visual clue
>> indicating that this target/these variable assignments do have a
>> special meaning not covered by the standard GNU Make semantics.
I agree with you... but I'm lost as to what to use (I can't see the
wood for the trees probably).

If you want to suggest something I'd be happy to try it out to see how
it goes.

Perhaps something like

AJ::texinfo-doclet.jar: some-dependancy  another-dependancy

or perhaps

texinfo-doclet.jar: some-dependancy  another-dependancy

... both would probably render the Makefile unusable by GNU Make
when its not preprocessed by automakejar, but I guess this is no
problem as the "raw", unprocessed Makefile template isn't meant
to be fed into GNU Make.

But both approaches would give a good clue that the lines are a
special section of the Makefile to be processed by your tool.


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