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Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] CVS re-org

From: Alex Lancaster
Subject: Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] CVS re-org
Date: 05 Mar 2002 20:14:49 -0800
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>>>>> "NF" == Nic Ferrier <address@hidden> writes:


>>  Please go ahead.  Also I didn't spy any "src/" subdirs in each of
>> the modules to contain "gnu"..., are you going to do that later, or
>> did you change your mind?

NF> I've just done it. I couldn't remember whether we agreed to that
NF> or not.

I think we did agree.  By the way, thanks for the fix for
"texinfo-doclet", however the "gjdoc" and "cp-tools" modules don't
appear to have a corresponding "src/" (i.e. "gnu/" still seems to be
at the top-level).  

Another thing, perhaps we should change "cp-tools" module to something
more descriptive, it also could confuse people, especially as this
used to contain "texidoclet".  I think you suggested "gjh/" on an
earlier thread, which is fine, otherwise something like "misc/" or
"utils/" might suffice (especially if we don't want to have a package
that contains something like 5 files, we can put other various
miscellaneous classes that are small, but don't fit in as part of some
larger package).

>> Also an odd "," directory seems to have crept it's way into the
>> top-level of the texinfo-doclet module... it contains jtxd.el and
>> Makefile.am.  Just FYI...

NF> Deleted. A typo.



>>  Nope no changes in working copy, go ahead and delete it when you
>> can...  I think Julian is working mostly on gjdoc as well, so
>> texidoclet shouldn't be affected.

NF> Ok. I will probably add my Makefile.in later on.

OK, can you put it in with a different name, so that it doesn't clash
with the one that automake generates?  We can work on merging the two
once it's in CVS.


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