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[Cp-tools-discuss] CVS re-org

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: [Cp-tools-discuss] CVS re-org
Date: 05 Mar 2002 16:23:49 +0000

Finally, I have done it. Sorry about the wait.

What I've done is to create a new module called:


This has the code from the old module in a more structured form.

I have not updated the build system as yet, I want to confirm that
you're happy with me doing that.

I've left the old texi files in the old module in place. If anyone
has changes in their working copy that are not checked in can you
please check them in so that I can move the files again.

If you do not have any changes in your working copies please let me
know as well and I will delete the old copy.


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