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Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] CVS re-org

From: Alex Lancaster
Subject: Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] CVS re-org
Date: 11 Mar 2002 03:03:50 -0800
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>>>>> "NF" == Nic Ferrier <address@hidden> writes:


NF> I didn't do them yet... we'd have to change the build systems.

NF> I'd like to get your input on my Makefile because it would be
NF> useful if we could find some way to abstract it into an automake
NF> macro.

Sounds good.  Please do send it to me (or check it in).

NF> I don't know anything about automake (except the very basics). You
NF> certainly know more than I do.

I'm no expert, but I've had plenty of tinkering time.  Enough to know
that it's lot easier than hard-coding Makefile.in in the long run...
The main frustrations are using the right matching versions of
automake and autoconf.

NF> So, in short, I don't want to disrupt the existing build systems
NF> unnecessarily.

Don't worry about that.  Really.  The build systems, such as they are,
are all really broken now anyway.  For the "texinfo-doclet" module I
can change the Makefile.am very easily, and the build system for
"gjdoc" is just the Makefile that Julian was using for testing and
will be easy to change.

In fact moving the directories to their final places will motivate me
to fix them, because it won't be a "moving" target anymore, since I'll
know what the build system should be targeting.  

Please definitely go ahead and remove the old hierarchy for
"texidoclet" that's currently under the obsolete "cp-tools" module.

NF> I agree.

NF> Brian any ideas? This is mainly your stuff now.

I think we should call it "misc/" if nobody else objects.


NF> What I was going to do was add the new Makefile to the new
NF> module. Then that module is completly self contained and once
NF> we've seen how everything works and if we want it all to work that
NF> way we can role it out from there.

NF> Because it should work from CVS I'm going to call it Makefile.in
NF> in the texinfo-doclet module.

Ah, I see what you mean now.  OK, that's fine.  In the
"texinfo-doclet" module, leave the Makefile.am where it is now, and
check it your Makefile.in, and I'll try and rationalise the two.


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