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Re: Help with egg definitions

From: Evan Hanson
Subject: Re: Help with egg definitions
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2021 09:56:41 +1300

Hi Robert,

On 2021-12-19 15:10, foggy wrote:
> I have my program split up using `(declare (unit ...))` and `(declare (uses
> ...))` (no includes), and compile the program by passing all the source
> files to csc. Is this the wrong way to go about splitting things up?

Based on the above, I *think* you can get chicken-install to do what you
want with something like the following. Your source files can probably
remain unchanged, too, as long as the units and filenames all match.

    ((component-options (linkage static))
      (extension a (modules) (source "src/a.scm"))
      (extension b (modules) (source "src/b.scm"))
      (program example (component-dependencies a b))))

The "static" linkage flag tells it to compile via object files and the
empty "modules" form tells it you're not using modules in those files.
Maybe give that a try for a start?



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