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Re: Help with egg definitions

From: foggy
Subject: Re: Help with egg definitions
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2021 15:10:44 -0330

Hello Mario,

Thanks for the tip but this doesn't seem to work for the way I have things set up.

When I add only the list of source dependencies to the egg file, I get errors stating "undefined reference to C_UNIT-NAME_toplevel", and when I add includes of the other source files to the main file, I get warnings stating "unit was already given a name" in addition to the undefined toplevel errors.

I have my program split up using `(declare (unit ...))` and `(declare (uses ...))` (no includes), and compile the program by passing all the source files to csc. Is this the wrong way to go about splitting things up?

Thanks again,
Robert Coffey

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