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[textutils: pr] bug found?

From: Juergen Kaesmann
Subject: [textutils: pr] bug found?
Date: Fri Nov 15 01:40:13 2002
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Hello friends,

I think I've found a bug in the program "pr" of the 
textutils version 2.0.10 (this is the version I currently use).

Whenever I format a text with it (including a header) then
the output of the header is exactly one space to wide.

Suppose we have a textfile with all lines exactly 135 chars.
Then format the text with following command:

/usr/bin/pr -f -h "MYHEADER" -l 64 -W 135

The output shows the body of the formatted text with the 
correct linelength, but the header has the length of 136 chars.

Maybe this happens because I'm german and the output is done 
with german words --> the english word "Page" is in german "Seite".
And this is one char longer.
Could this be the reason?

I've found this behavior in all versions I used till now.

Juergen Kaesmann                 eMail: address@hidden
                                 HTTP : http://www.kaesmann-online.de/
PGP key on request               FTP  : ftp://ftp.kaesmann-online.de/

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