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Re: tsort problems

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: tsort problems
Date: Wed Nov 13 03:37:16 2002

Jack Moffitt <address@hidden> wrote:
> The arch (http://www.fifthvision.net/open/bin/view/Arch) build system relies
> on tsort to compute dependencies.  The attached file when piped through
> tsort results in drastically different results on my two systems, one
> running tsort 2.0.21 as shipped with RedHat 8, and one running tsort
> 4.5.3 as shipped with Debian unstable.  The 4.5.x versions (I have only
> tested them on PPC architectures, but I suspect there is nothing
> architecture specific in tsort) all give shortened output, missing
> several importantant dependencies.
> Is this a bug?  Or has tsort changed radically from 2.0.x to 4.5.x?  If
> it has changed and this is not a bug, what can we do to allow both
> versions to return the same results from the sort?

Thanks for the report!

I didn't see any attachment (the input file).
Please include the differing output files, too.
There has been no significant change in tsort.c
itself since well before textutils-2.0.21.

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