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tsort problems

From: Jack Moffitt
Subject: tsort problems
Date: Tue Nov 12 22:35:27 2002
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The arch (http://www.fifthvision.net/open/bin/view/Arch) build system relies 
on tsort to compute dependencies.  The attached file when piped through
tsort results in drastically different results on my two systems, one
running tsort 2.0.21 as shipped with RedHat 8, and one running tsort
4.5.3 as shipped with Debian unstable.  The 4.5.x versions (I have only
tested them on PPC architectures, but I suspect there is nothing
architecture specific in tsort) all give shortened output, missing
several importantant dependencies.

Is this a bug?  Or has tsort changed radically from 2.0.x to 4.5.x?  If
it has changed and this is not a bug, what can we do to allow both
versions to return the same results from the sort?


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