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Re: Is there a FAQ? (HELP)

From: William Blair Wagner
Subject: Re: Is there a FAQ? (HELP)
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 16:37:09 -0400

Hi Thomas,
Thanx for your thought.  I'll try with 4.2, since that seems to be the
oldest version available on the gnu ftp site. I did allow the make
install to build and install the terminfo database, but I elected to
place that in a seperately (prefixed) location.  I ensure I'm not using
any $HOME/.terminfo by setting the TERMINFO environment variable to
/usr/share/lib/terminfo (on the HP). It was important to us to use the
OS supplied terminfo.

I've visited the FAQ. Thanx for that too. Any direction on the best news
group to ask others for similar experiences?

"Thomas E. Dickey" wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, William Blair Wagner wrote:
> > Hi curses developers,
> >
> > I'm having a great deal of trouble with the ncurses-5.1. I've subscribed
> > to this list in hopes of catching a few bones here and there. The
> > application that we're using ncurses with was originally written on SCO
> > unix 3.2 with SCO's curses, menus, and panels libraries, and is written
> > in C++. We've apparently ported and built the same app on SCO 3.2v5.0.4
> > and it too works fine. We've since ported this application to HP-UX
> > which does not have near the quality curses nor does it have a panels
> > facility at all. So, we integrated ncurses-5.1 on the HP. Unfortunately,
> > it's a disaster. Screens dont clear when expxeted & line graphics
> > characters dont display at all. I'm sure there are other problems that
> > aren't even visible. I took the same ncurses-5.1 and built it on the SCO
> > system to see if the same occured. I get the *EXACT* same results.
> I'd back up a level and see what the problem is.  Do the test programs in
> ncurses work properly?  Did you install the terminfo database (first -
> before running ncurses, since otherwise you may be getting $HOME/.terminfo
> derived from /etc/termcap).  That sort of thing is in my faq:
>         http://dickey.his.com/ncurses/ncurses.faq.html
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