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Re: converting from qpopper

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: converting from qpopper
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 10:14:43 +0200

I have committed the stuff. Popauth is in pop3d directory. By default
it will try to convert a plaintext password database into DBM file.
It will read its input from stdin, unless --file option is specified,
in which case it will read the named file. The format of input file
is a sequence of lines in the form:

username: password 

arbitrary whitespace is allowed on either side of a colon. Empty
lines and those starting with a '#' sign are ignored.
popauth --version shows its version along with compilation defaults
(type of DB and its default location).

Configure now understands three new options: --with-gdbm,
--with-ndbm, --with-old-dbm (if several of them are specified, the
last takes precedence). Hopefully you should be able to use your
old apop.auth file by configuring the package with an appropriate
option. You will need to rename it anyway, since popauth and pop3d
expectd the DBM version of auth file to have a suffix '.db'.

> Alain and I are in the same timezone, sorry about that. ;)

Yeah, sometimes I wish the Earth were flat :^)


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