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Re: converting from qpopper

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: converting from qpopper
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 12:20:42 -0500 (EST)

> > Should we make the default one the same as qpopper to ease conversion?
> > I want to do that for the Debian package, but it would be nice if
> > someone could generally expect that moving database files around is safe.
> Yes, that's a good idea. But unfortunately it is rather hard to 
> follow it. The qpopper's authentication database name is defined
> at configure time, so it may differ from system to system.  Qpopper may
> be configured to use NDBM, in which case its authentication database will
> be stored in two files with suffixes '.pag' and '.dir', etc. 
> I believe the best way is to make APOP_PASSFILE_NAME configurable and
> put the recommendations for easy transition into README or NEWS. 
> When using GDBM or Berkeley DB, no default suffix is needed, but many
> prefer to be able to tell the type of the file just by glancing at
> its suffix, so it seems reasonable to append '.db' to it. Again,
> we can make it configurable ...

In that case, why not always build popauth.  I see it as a general utility:
- Could extend again mu_db.c to support more then one DB
    popauth --type=db2 // or something

- Could cover the most of qpopper options

- popauth in its own directory and always compile,
  unless no supporting DB was found

... well only suggestions.
BTW, its great that you split this in mu_db.*, it may come
handy for url_xxx() when doing authentication, for example
retrieving information in a file.

> > I used to pity Alain when me, Sparky and Shaleh were all in Pacific
> > Time, and he was the lone one out here. =) 
> :^)
> > You just need to recruit more people. (I don't remember, how did you 
> > get involved?)
> It was very simple: I was just fiddling around with the mailman
> interface of radius' mailing lists when I came across the name
> `bug-mailutils' and got interested in the project.
> Well, returning to our muttons, was pop3d able to understand qpopper's

Is that english?

> database?

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