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Re: converting from qpopper

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Re: converting from qpopper
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 22:31:55 -0800
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Go ahead and commit it, I haven't written anything yet.  I've made a
small change to pop3d.c and apop.c, cvs should merge that all just

Alain and I are in the same timezone, sorry about that. ;)

On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 02:31:59AM +0200, Sergey Poznyakoff wrote:
> Wow, I've missed quite a discussion :^)
> > Sergey, should I pipe into popauth, or write directly to the gdbm
> > file?  I'm worried that we'll just be increasing the number of places
> > to make changes if we ever want to do it differently.
> > 
> > I don't know enough about database stuff to know if that's a problem,
> > or even likely.
> Well, I am ready to commit the first draft of popauth along with some
> modifications to apop.c. I guess it might help solve your problem,
> Jeff. The main idea was to make mailutils able to link against any of
> four DBM systems (GDBM, Berkeley db, ndbm and dbm) by using a
> transparent interface. I have tested it on my box and it seems to work
> well. I'll commit it, if it is not clashing with what you are writing
> now.
> -Sergey

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