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Re: [avr-libc-dev] AT43USB35x support!

From: E. Weddington
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] AT43USB35x support!
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 13:15:27 -0700

On 28 Feb 2003 at 11:49, Keith Gudger wrote:

> Attached are the files for the AT43USB320.  I created the io43u32x.h
> file and used it to generate the crt43320.o file.
> Just a reminder, that the io.h file has to get updated, too, to
> include the .h file.  Thanks.

I've posted this on avr-libc-dev because I'd like other's opinions.

There's two minor concerns I have, and that's the stuff at the bottom 
of the header:

#define flash const
#define near
#define far
#define C_task int
#define AVR_INTERRUPT(x) 
#define ROM_BYTE_POINTER unsigned char flash *

I ended up removing these from io43u35x.h when that was submitted. 
AFAIK, these definitions are not standardized across the other 

I'll leave it up to the experts (Marek, Ted?) as to whether these 
definitions should be left out.

There are also other definitions in the file:
#define    INT0_interrupt(x)         SIGNAL (SIG_INTERRUPT0)
#define    INT1_interrupt(x)         SIGNAL (SIG_INTERRUPT1)
#define    TIMER1_CAPT1_interrupt(x) SIGNAL (SIG_TIMER1_CAPT1)
#define    TIMER1_COMPA_interrupt(x) SIGNAL (SIG_OUTPUT_COMPARE1A)
#define    TIMER1_COMPB_interrupt(x) SIGNAL (SIG_OUTPUT_COMPARE1B)
#define    TIMER1_OVF1_interrupt(x)  SIGNAL (SIG_OVERFLOW1)
#define    TIMER0_OVF_interrupt(x)   SIGNAL (SIG_OVERFLOW0)
#define    SPI_interrupt(x)          SIGNAL (SIG_SPI)
#define    UART_RX_interrupt(x)          SIGNAL (SIG_UART_RECV)
#define    UART_UDRE_interrupt(x)        SIGNAL (SIG_UART_DATA)
#define    UART_TX_interrupt(x)          SIGNAL (SIG_UART_TRANS)
#define    ANA_COMP_interrupt(x)         SIGNAL (SIG_ANA_COMP)
#define    USB_interrupt(x)                      SIGNAL (SIG_USB_INT)
#define    SuspendResume(x)                      SIGNAL (SIG_INTERRUPT0)

Again, this is not commonly done in the other header files and I 
wonder whether these should be removed or not. I didn't check the 
at43usb35x.h file for these defs either.

So everybody else knows, Keith is writing some GCC libraries that 
will be distributed on Atmel's web site to interface to these USB 
chips. My other concern then, Keith, is that are these definitions 
needed by your library? and could these defs be seperated out into 
another header that's shipped with your lib?

And I don't think Keith is on avr-libc-dev so unless otherwise stated 
could he be CCed?


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