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Re: [avr-libc-dev] ./reconf failed

From: Karl Ran
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] ./reconf failed
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 15:34:35 +0000

One more thing I'd like to see. Do this (from top of avr-libc tree):

  $ make -C doc/examples/demo clean
  $ make -C build/doc/api demo

$ make -C build/doc/api demo

make: Entering directory `/src/avr-libc/build/doc/api'
if test -n "../../../build/crt1/crts2313.o" ; then \
       NODEFLIBS="-nostartfiles -nodefaultlibs" ; \
fi; \
cd ../../../doc/examples/demo && \
       make DEFS="-I../../../include"  \
               LIBS="$NODEFLIBS ../../../build/crt1/crts2313.o" dox all
make[1]: Entering directory `/src/avr-libc/doc/examples/demo'
fig2dev -L eps demo.fig demo.eps
fig2dev -L png demo.fig demo.png
pngtopnm demo.png > tmp.pnm
pnmtopng -transparent white tmp.pnm >demo.png && rm tmp.pnm
fig2dev -L pdf demo.fig demo.pdf
avr-gcc -g -Wall -O2 -mmcu=at90s2313 -I../../../include -c -o demo.o demo.c avr-gcc -g -Wall -O2 -mmcu=at90s2313 -I../../../include -Wl,-Map,demo.map -o demo.elf demo.o -nostartfiles -nodefaultlibs ../../../build/crt1/crts2313.o
avr-objdump -h -S demo.elf > demo.lst
avr-objcopy -j .text -O ihex demo.elf demo.hex
avr-objcopy -j .text -O binary demo.elf demo.bin
avr-objcopy -j .text -O srec demo.elf demo.srec
avr-objcopy -j .eeprom --change-section-lma .eeprom=0 -O ihex demo.elf demo_eeprom.hex avr-objcopy -j .eeprom --change-section-lma .eeprom=0 -O binary demo.elf demo_eeprom.bin avr-objcopy -j .eeprom --change-section-lma .eeprom=0 -O srec demo.elf demo_eeprom.srec
make[1]: Leaving directory `/src/avr-libc/doc/examples/demo'
make: Leaving directory `/src/avr-libc/build/doc/api

Looks like your make-output :-/

That looks fine to me. I assume that you used "--prefix=/src/install/" for
binutils and avr-libc also?

Yes, and $PATH is set to /src/install/bin


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