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[zonecheck-locale] New to the "zonecheck-locale" mailing list, German o

From: Purodha Blissenbach
Subject: [zonecheck-locale] New to the "zonecheck-locale" mailing list, German offered.
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 14:18:47 +0200

Hello zonecheck-locale readers,

Being subscribed to this list since more than a week silently
listening reading nothing ;-) I'm kind'a loosing temper and just
introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Purodha, senior software deveolper and consultant, co-founder
of cooperative ISP (website in German language
only), maintainer of several web sites, etc.

I'd like to add German language to zonecheck.

Having recently checked out the cvs tree, and read through it,
the process of adding a language seems pretty much straightforward
due to good design and modularization. Well Done !

I've not started any activity yet, because:

 - I first wanted to make sure, noone else is already working on
   the task;

 - Check back about how to submit additions (easy anyways, since
   it's simply a tree of additional files)

 - Is there a test case avaliable, that merely shows every message
   at least once, so as to support one in checking them in context ?
   Which is way better than translating isolated phrases, or, worse,
   groups of words!

 - I've seen few typing errors or minor grammatical glitches in
   English texts. How should I deal with them as encountering them ?

 - I want to let you know that, I'm not good @ French, so reading
   French original texts wouldn't help me much understanding what
   intended meanings are.

One thing that I didn't like in zonecheck: the html (main) exists
once in every language. Since maintaining it means repeating design
chancges in every language, I'd suggest to separate layout/design
from text for these also. I know that, for some langage groups,
like latin/character-based, arabic, far-east/chinese, you might
wish to have different layouts as well, so well, that should not
be a hindrance.  I've two suggestions to choose from :-)

 - The individial language html files could be generated from a
   template and a language file, and then stored (in cvs or only)
   for the web server to read them.
 - Even the main html could be scripted.

Had I written the html, I'd choosen lowercase tags, since my
servers all use on-the-fly gzip compression (which really saves me
traffic i.e. money) and lower case just compresses better.

Btw. Accessing the web archive of th emailing list did not work
for me - broken links.

Greetings - Purodha - <address@hidden>

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