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Re[2]: [zonecheck-locale] New to the "zonecheck-locale" mailing list, Ge

From: Purodha Blissenbach
Subject: Re[2]: [zonecheck-locale] New to the "zonecheck-locale" mailing list, German offered.
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 12:04:01 +0200

Hello Stephane,

SDA> Good, you are the first to post to the mailing list. Champagne!

Wow !   à votre santé!
Glad I am.  My first mailinglist defloration, so to say. That's why
there wasn't an archive there!

>> I'd like to add German language to zonecheck.
>>  - I first wanted to make sure, noone else is already working on
>>    the task;

SDA> To my knowledge you are the first, I have added a new task 
SDA> in savannah and if you agree i'll make you  the personne
SDA> dealing with the german localisation.


>>  - Check back about how to submit additions (easy anyways, since
>>    it's simply a tree of additional files)

>>  - Is there a test case avaliable, that merely shows every message
>>    at least once, so as to support one in checking them in context ?
>>    Which is way better than translating isolated phrases, or, worse,
>>    groups of words!

SDA> Unfortunately there is no such test case:

As you said, it*s not a big deal.
Maybe I create one as I go ahead, maybe I find it unnecessary.
We'll see.

SDA>  - all the messages in the locale/test directory are used to ...

Thanks for giving these explanations.

>>  - I've seen few typing errors or minor grammatical glitches in
>>    English texts. How should I deal with them as encountering them ?

SDA> if you could make a patch and send it to this mailing list
SDA> or use the savannah patch manager.
SDA> Eventually if it only concerns one or two errors you could
SDA> mention it  and I'll fix them.

Ok. I remeber having seen 2 or 3 so far.
>>  - I want to let you know that, I'm not good @ French, so reading
>>    French original texts wouldn't help me much understanding what
>>    intended meanings are.

SDA> The original version is in english, but as it was written by a french
SDA> it can be ambiguous/wrong some times...

Ah, so I can

SDA> Let us know the translation you are not sure about and we will
SDA> see what we can do (it will certainly  mean make the english
SDA> version more understandable)

Ok, we'l discuss ambiguties here.

>> Had I written the html, I'd choosen lowercase tags, ...
SDA> why not, will see to make the changes.
SDA>  (and i think xml tags are in lowercase, so it will be ready for xhtml)

Yes indeed.
Even if extending old html pages, I try to make them as xhtml
ready as possible ... and converting tag case is just a mouse
click in my editor ;-)

>> Btw. Accessing the web archive of th emailing list did not work
>> for me - broken links.

SDA> it's a bug in mailman, when the archive is empty it doesn't display
SDA> a web page, just a broken link...

Yes, I know. I didn't really expect it to be empty ;-)

Greetings - Purodha - <address@hidden>

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