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Re: [Chinese-translators] HOW IS THIS TEAM ORGANIZED ?

From: Lee ZhiC
Subject: Re: [Chinese-translators] HOW IS THIS TEAM ORGANIZED ?
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 22:47:57 +0800

On 12/7/06, Lee ZhiC <address@hidden> wrote:
Thank you ~!

i can check out the old archives from this webpage.
Now i am trying to translate the issue #49 of the "Brave GNU World".
Could you please give me some advices & resources that can help?
Looking forward to discussing with you all ~
On 12/6/06, William Cai <address@hidden > wrote:

On 12/6/06, Lee ZhiC <address@hidden > wrote:
Thanx for your replys !!
One question:  Why did the 'Brave GNU World' stop updating its webpages since 2003 ?

We don't get enough resource to continue the translation... Are you interested in it? ;-)

Do you have any other methods for communication in addition to the mail-lists ?

I'm not sure what "other methods" means. If you want to contact me directly, drop me a mail at address@hidden or address@hidden.

"http://www.gnu.org/software/chinese/index.cn.html" seems to be your homepage at present.

I moved the Chinese page to http://www.gnu.org/chinese. However, www.gnu.org/software/chinese is reserved as well.

On 12/4/06, William Cai <address@hidden > wrote:

On 12/3/06, Lee ZhiC <address@hidden> wrote:
Hello, everybody here !!

As a new member of this team, the first thing i want to know is how is the CTT organized ?

1.where to get the task ?

Generally, you may submit any translation work of free software related articles, web pages, etc. However, we treat the translation job of  www.gnu.org as high priority. 

2.how do we collaborate together?

 Good question. address@hidden plays very important role for Chinese translation team internal communication. Please feel free to ping the list if you get any problems. You may also contact translation coordinators directly.
3.do you have any plan now ?
I get a ton of tasks! :-)
a. Update www.gnu.org/chinese with the new look of GNU website.
b. Update language/area code of existing Chinese pages
c. Upload Jiang's translation to website.
d. etc, etc.

4.is there anyone working on any task now ?

See above.  

5.how do you control the execution of the task? 

any answer will appreciated !!
Best regard dn Good luck

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