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[Chinese-translators] About the translating of thegnuproject.html

From: Chao-Hong Liu
Subject: [Chinese-translators] About the translating of thegnuproject.html
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 11:40:54 +0800 (CST)

Dear Zhu,

I do APOLOGIZE that I don't provide the whole image
about the translating of thegnuproject, now here is
the story provided:

1.Dr Zhu had translated thegnuproject.html last year,
and hir work is the first one I received.

2.Few weeks later, maybe less than one month, Starm's
team send their translations to GNU project and we
agree only to commit their works after they published,
phisically, them.  Unfortunately, there is a conflict
on thegnuproject.html.  They, as well as Dr Zhu,
finished their job independently.

3.The current procedure is to re-refine their works
and get published first, but GNU project has not say
yes to do this, therefore we may not commit them to
server yet.  If you don't mind, I can upload your
translation to www first, and after the cooperating
version is published and committed, I will make two
links to your translating as well as theirs in that
final page.  Is this OK?

4.You may find the information on


in which records the following

  +-1 thegnuproject.html Li, Ji-Guang and Zhu, Qingjiu
The GNU Project

for a long time.

5.After the refinement, I personally believe that
about more than thirty essays translated by Starm's
team is good enough to commit on www, but it seems
that there is still much should be done to publish
them.  Some of these are really important essays about
Free Software, and I do hope the public could read
them from www.gnu.org as soon as possible.  But it
cannot be hurry, is it?

All right, this is the situation what we have now. 
And we are not going to agree anything like this, each
translation should be committed on www before its
publication, if someone is going to publish it.  So
don't worry about that anymore, in our own team, you
may just do your translating, and send it to
address@hidden  It IS my responsibility
to protect all your works, and it IS NOT my right to
dispose them.

That's all, please DO inform or inquire me if you have
any, give a chance for me to remind.

Thank you very much,


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