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[Chinese-translators] Re: re- gnuctt.net domain name

From: Cai Wenliang
Subject: [Chinese-translators] Re: re- gnuctt.net domain name
Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 09:01:28 +0800

> Dear Wenliang,
> It's great that you register the name: gnuctt.net.  It
> looks like that we will finally a place to live.  Here
> below are some thoughts about this issue:
> 1. Should I ask someone to provide us an on-lined
> machine to host?  Or is there any member of our team
> who may provide this resource for us?
    Cosoft.org.cn will provide the machine for us to host this site.
    I have informed Dr. Yao Zheng , Master of cosoft.org.cn , who has promised 
to support us.

> 2. If we are going to run our own site, three to five
> webmasters should be recruited for that.  Maybe our
> student members would be very interested in this.
    There are four students and software engineers in mainland. 
    He Bing     a graduate from Shanghai University (Shanghai)
    Chen Xiaobin  a student from ?南理工大?(Guangzhou)
    Liu Zhimin    a student from Nanjing University (Nanjing)
    Gu Zhangli    a software engineer from Highly software 

    More volunteers in Taiwan are needed. 

> 3. It would be better to provide mostly in static
> plain *.html format, to make sure the public would get
> the information on the easy.
    He Bing is Locationalizate phpnuke to be our site's foundamental system.    

> 4. How about using the following setup?
> www.gnuctt.net for English pages,
> cn.gnuctt.net for simplified pages, and
> zh.gnuctt.net for traditional pages.
> Since we have our own domain name, set up its
> subdomain is easy and the surfers don't need to click
> the language browser links to their prefered (our
> webmasters don't have to maintain the links, either.)
    That's OK.

> 5. And we may then provide mailing service for our
> members.  Some of our members change their email
> address all the time, and this will be a great help
> since gnu project don't provide this service for
> volunteers.

> There are absolutely enormous tasks ahead, if you
> think it's adequate, we may then discuss this issue in
> address@hidden then.  That our members
> may provide more ideas is for sure...
> Thank you very much,
> Chao-Hong
> ps. to filter spam mails, I have set up the mailing
> lists of chinese-translators and chinese-coordinators
> as member lists.  Non-members' mails would be held,
> but anyone can join Freely.  This mechanism works fine
> since robots of spam mails usually don't join mailing
> lists...
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