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[Chinese-translators] Re: Something about Chinese authors

From: Chao-Hong Liu
Subject: [Chinese-translators] Re: Something about Chinese authors
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 09:20:03 +0800 (CST)

Hi, Liang Meng

Sorry that I didn't state very clear on these topics,
your question may interests others, therefore I cc the

1.mailing list address@hidden is set up for
all our members who would like to dedicated on writing
free documentation for free software, especially GNU
software. So if you would like to do this, I would
have the article you wrote in the right place on our
web site...

"The Software Installation in GNU/Linux" is really a
good topic if we really mean to fight for software
freedom, I am glad to here from you that it is on the
way. And, newbie is never a problem in GNU project and
CTT. If you have time, and you like to do something,
here you are... By the way, I'm a newbie, too.

2.formerly, you would need to mail me. Currently, we
have a mailing list called
address@hidden, so you may alternatively
mail it. Of course, if you insist, I'm always on the

And, would anyone like to join the
address@hidden mailing list, please
contact me. I do need you...

Thank you very much,

> I have some question which I am not very sure.
> First, what is the purpose of the maillist of
> chinese authors? Does that mean I can post some
> papers I wrote on it? Even it is just for newbie?
> Because I am a newbie of GNU/Linux, I can't write
> very technical articles. But I did write some
> articles for newbie. And now I am writting an
> article about "The Software Installation in
> GNU/Linux", which includes some information of rpm,
> dpkg and Tarball. I don't know whether I can post it
> or not. I think that articles for newbie are very
> necessary for the spread of GNU/Linux.
> Second, if I want to begin a new translation of the
> tasks in CTT's homepage, Who should I write to? You
> or just post a message on chinese-translators
> maillist?

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