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Re: wget2 | WIP: Support for multipart/form-data (!467)

From: Zisheng Huang
Subject: Re: wget2 | WIP: Support for multipart/form-data (!467)
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2020 03:44:22 +0000

Merge request https://gitlab.com/gnuwget/wget2/-/merge_requests/467 was 
reviewed by Zisheng Huang

Zisheng Huang commented on a discussion: 

Thank you @rockdaboot , I will fix the CI runners and send the requested email. 
I added a new option "--post-binary-file", which support uploading binary file 
via POST request. Refer to the usage of curl, it can send an image to an HTTP 
server, where 'profile' is the name of the form-field to which the file 
portrait.jpg will be the input: wget2 --post-binary-file 
"profile=@portrait.jpg" url. I am interested in working on Wget2 for GSoC this 
year, I saw the ideas list and I found this task is easier for me to get 
started on. I also think that one of the good ways to understand the project 
code is to try to add some small features to the project. So I chose this task 
and tried to implement it. It is a simple implementation, so there may be some 
problems I haven't considered. I am trying to implement the function of socks4 
proxy these days and have made some progress. All in all, I am eager to 
participate in this project and look forward to having more discussions with 
you. Excuse my poor English, thank you.

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