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[Spam-discuss] Spam discussion. Dead?

From: Luis Miguel Arteaga
Subject: [Spam-discuss] Spam discussion. Dead?
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 20:58:51 +0200

Hello, people

I joined this list on May 19, and until today I have not received a 
single email. Either is something wrong with the mail server or the 
spam discussion is dead. 

On the recent days the number of spam mail has increased from 5-10 
emails per day to about 20 on my account of address@hidden My 
questions are:

- What are the measures that are to be taken ? 
- How can I help you ?
- Who is responsible to make changes -if any- on the mail server?

This is starting to grow beyond control and we must put an end soon. 

Thank you. 


Luis M. Arteaga

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