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[skribilo-users] How to customise an engine

From: Roger Mason
Subject: [skribilo-users] How to customise an engine
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2012 16:26:11 -0230
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I want to use the customisation facilities of skribilo to control context output.

Having read the relevant parts of the documentation I created a file with these contents:

(engine-custom-set! context-engine document-style "manuscript")

(document :title [Hello World!]
   :html-title [Hello World Example]

   [This is a very simple text.])

Attempting to compile I get:

$ skribilo -t context -o hello.tex hello.skb
In unknown file:
   ?: 0* [#<procedure #f ()>]
   ?: 1* [eval # #]
In hello.skb:
   1: 2* (engine-custom-set! context-engine document-style "manuscript")

hello.skb:1:1: In expression (engine-custom-set! context-engine document-style ...):
hello.skb:1:1: Unbound variable: engine-custom-set!

What am I doing wrong?


Roger Mason
Dept. of Earth Sciences
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL, Canada A1B 3X5
(709) 864-4385

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