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Re: [Phptest-devel]

From: Brandon Tallent
Subject: Re: [Phptest-devel]
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:23:02 -0800 (PST)

Hi Sergio, 

This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next
version.  Here's an email I got from another user that
explains what the problem is:

Thanks for a useful and neat application, phpTest. I
have used it to 
amuse my collegues with wierd tests during the week.

There are however some problems with regard to
If i create an answer that contains swedish national
characters from 
iso-8859-1, the grading procedure fails to give points
for the correct 
answer with some browsers (IE and Safari) since
'answer' is stored like 
'Föö bär' while 'users_answer' is stored like
'Föö bär'
An extra comparison:

             // find out if the answer was correct or
             if (stripslashes($answer) == $row->answer
                 stripslashes($answer) ==
htmlentities($row->answer)) {

Fixed the point grading, but the coloration of answers
is still bad.

I also noticed some problems with answers containing
newlines, i fixed 
it by removing newlines from the answers ;)

Thanks again,
//Tor-Åke Fransson


--- Sergio Izquierdo <address@hidden>
> Hi I am using phptest, but I have problems with it!
> I use spanish characters like ñ á í ó é ú, and the
> program shows problems.
> 1. Introducing all the ansvers and questions with
> Netscape in linux using this characters, then this
> answers and questions are displayed badly with other
> characters.
> 2. Introducing all the ansvers and questions with
> Internet Explorer using this characters, they are
> displyaed well then, but for example havin the
> folowing question
> Question? ááááá
> Correct Answe: ñ
> incorrect answer 1: jjj2
> incorrect answer 2: jjj12
> incorrect answer 3: jjj1
> incorrect answer 4: j1jj
> When you are a stundent answering the test, it does
> not matter if you anser "ñ" because the sistem will
> take it like a wrong answer.  I mean it does not
> campare well the answer with the correct answer.
> Hope I have explained my self well
> Regards
> Sergio Izquierdo>
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